Improvements to the CA Budget – a suggestion

Dear Mr. Sandre Swanson,

We have not met in person – in fact I have not even met Mickey Jones from your office in person, however, you are where this blog falls out as the State of CA wants suggestions for the Budget and I would like to resolve my six month old unemployment claim – without having another forest ameliorated in the process.

I am not sure if competence at EDD plays a factor in all of this or one of the things they try to do is so upset citizens of CA we will stop asking for unemployment, thereby making the numbers look better. Whatever the elaborate process is and the rationalized reasoning behind it, some one needs to gut it (after wacking it on the dock like a fish) and start over because it is broken almost completely beyond repair.

Since 12/28/2009, the following are the list of e-mail messages I have sent to EDD: 2308603, 2365460,2426446, 9382905, 2597496, 2807982, 2825814, 2829559, 2848430, 2848456, 2848474, 2984181, 3132965, 3156856, 3166716 (this one for deducting money against how the administrative judge ruled in my favor).  Around about the 10th or 11th e-mail is when I contacted your office because some one at EDD had to read all these e-mails and if they get $10/hr, they are making a goldmine off this. Meanwhile, I have had no less than 50 pieces of mail sent – some where it appears the send button was just hit repetitively and postage has to cost something.  In addition, my time is money – I have been working part time for the U.S. Census Bureau and tutoring and shortly will start a summer job.  I have appealled three separate times because appeal one and two apparently were not reviewed – that cost money to send certified.  I used an administrative judges time both in her chambers and for her to write a report.  I started to pay back money to EDD I did not even believe I owed because they kept sending me mail and I don’t want to ruin my credit. The administrative judge backed me up on this in the appeal.

Needless to say, after 5 1/2 months and some help from Mickey Jones in your office, the CA State Budget is not benefitting from the stagnation nor problem solving.  On some level I fear it would have been actually cheaper for EDD to just pay me than go through their convoluted process.

If you really want to start evaluating the State of CA budget, could you tell EDD to stop mailing so much stuff and communicate in writing via e-mail – this is why they set it up.  EDD should be given a time line  for resolution – anything over 90 days is reviewed, in the same way accounts receivable does an aging process.  This is going on par with banks taking their time to do loan re-modifications and meanwhile many of us are trying to go out and get a job and function so we, citizens, as your constituents, can turn CA around.

I am supposing that many other people would have given up after e-mail  five in sheer frustration which merely makes the unemployment numbers look better on some graph some where but belies the life/lives of people and families struggling to function in the midst of an economic meltdown most people have not seen in their life time (unless they are 80 or older).   There really has to be a better way for our government in CA to function and by golly, Obama wants transparency, he and you are getting it in this blog – this is something which truly requires change.


Natalie – Your Constituent in Alameda

P.S.       Apparently the market was not so keen on the falsely inflated unemployment numbers either.


One reason CA is creating a debt monkey on it’s own back….

Since I never tire of good humor and believe EVERYONE is entitled to a good laugh, I am continuing on with my ‘new’ 2010 unemployment saga. To be deprived of what I received in the mail today would be bad form and prevent all of you from laughing with me.
Here is a brief recap to get you up to why today is hilarious: I was a substitute teacher in 2009 until June 15. I gave notice as the agency I worked for could not provide summer work (there is no summer school or need for subs in CA during the summer). I continued looking for work – anything to pay my bills. Back in May 2009 I received a contract from Maria Soti Girls Education Centre to be a consulting principal. I signed it and accepted it and the job was to begin 6 August 2009. In my mind I believed I could work up until I left the country if I could find a job. There is no shame in doing odd jobs, so I continued the search. Sadly, at the height of the meltdown in unemployment I had a couple things going against me – I have a MA degree and teaching credential, both completely useless when pink slips had been handed out in March 2009 like chocolate on Valentines Day. I was ‘overqualified’ for just about any job you can think of, and trust me, there were many I applied for and submitted on the back of each unemployment form even though there was not an X in the box requesting I do so.
Fast forward and I filled out paperwork for my father in Des Moines to be my power of attorney when I left the country and sent the paperwork to EDD as I wanted them to be able to find me. I worked (okay, I attempted to work but corruption literally and figuratively prevailed in spite of my best efforts). I found my personal safety in danger. I consulted with friends and family (I did not go to U.S. Embassy as everyone in Kenya hates Ambassador Rannenberger since Obama was elected and the U.S. has higher levels of accountability for Kenya) about what to do on the personal safety front and the corruption front. I declined to sign on an un-audited school bank account. I paid my own money for school repairs, etc. Ultimately, it was too unsafe and I believed that since I knew what was going on in the way of corruption at the school, if I could not intercede, I became culpable as well, not something I would ever desire to be party to. I resigned my position and came home. I applied for unemployment as when I left I had $5,000 banked benefits I had never used.
Forward to today: I contested the denial of unemployment from the sub agency I had worked for who retroactively (almost one year later) declined the claim on grounds I took a job that would pay less or be less unreliable. I had so hoped they would have shared this knowledge with me when I signed the contract for Kenya but I guess back in May they were not feeling the Nostradamus Effect so strongly because no one was asking them to pay unemployment insurance.
It was my right to contest the denial of benefits and I did. I filled out every form, responded in a timely manner, provided all documentation of above and even stated it seemed unfair for EDD to hold me accountable to a higher standard of proving unemployment when no teacher could find a job in the summer of 2009 and the sub agency barely could provide me with half time work at exceedingly low rates of pay, plus, I legitimately went to the ends of the earth (literally – 50 Km from the equator) to take a job I had expected to go for 3-5 years as I had previously been a Peace Corps Volunteer on the continent and wanted to go back and not for ‘vacation’.
On April 7, 2010 EDD sent a letter stating I was indeed entitled to unemployment. I filled out all the paperwork they sent and submitted it. I have waited for the unemployment checks. I am working as an independent contractor and was recently offered to work temporarily for the U.S. Government as a Census Bureau Enumerator to start on April 27th.

Today I received multiple envelopes from unemployment stating they could not pay me as I have contested the claim…….
Well, of course I did and then they realized indeed I was entitled to unemployment. Instead of paying me, EDD decided they would hold on to the paltry less than $1,000 and make me go to an administrative judge who will look at letter of April 7, 2010 and tell them to pay me. While I am not an economist, I do know that the interest on $1,000 for even three months is less than the cost of the paperwork, time, postage, etc. to go to the administrative judge so CA taxpayers are actually paying MORE for my unemployment claim then they should even have to. Although I should feel guilty, I am a CA taxpayer and will pay out the wazoo for my independent contractor status and NOT BE ENTITLED TO UNEMPLOYMENT for anything earned as an independent contractor.
This is how I keep laughing as I really, truly want to cry and just pay rent.
I thought about writing my CA State Senators but figured they have enough on their plate so I just put a tag to their name with this blog – obviously I am one of many going through this ridiculousness and maybe they want to evaluate it as they think about the State of CA budget. If you think this story is as funny as I do, write your Senator – get something for your tax dollars!

Update to most recent question asking EDD about my check:

Thank you for submitting your information to the Employment Development Department on 4/15/2010 at 1:35 PM.

Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Do NOT respond to this message through email. If you need additional information or assistance regarding this matter, contact us through the Ask EDD Web site. Be sure to select the same category and include your Reference Number: 2984181.

Checks – Where is my check?

You wrote us the following:
While I continue to appreciate EDD using humor to delay paying me unemployment, I don’t think the administrative judge will find wasting the taxpayers dollars quite as funny. On 4/7/2010 your office sent me a letter stating I was awarded unemployment insurance in the amount of xxx/week. This claim was what I have been stating since January when EDD kept on denying the claim. Once the claim stopped being denied, I no longer need to see the administrative judge as I have been granted unemployment benefits – which is what I have been asking for and was contesting the denial of in all the paperwork I kept receiving and promptly replied to. I filled out all paper work and responded with documentation. I am now unclear why I would still need to see an administrative judge at even more cost to the taxpayers of CA when you already told me in a letter I now am ENTITLED to unemployment insurance. What might I do to encourage EDD to send the money owed to me and avoid going to an administrative judge. While it seems to save CA money by delaying payment to me in this circuitous paper trail, it is costly both to me and the judge to have to read papers of which the judge will surely say,’You gave her the letter stating she is entitled to unemployment insurance, please pay her.’ Please let me know what would be the best way to help EDD get its paperwork in order. I would hate to have an administrative judge laughing with me at incompetence.

Here is our reply:
The EDD has scheduled you to a telephone interview to resolve an issue of eligibility. Interviews are conducted by phone within the timeframe and date stated on the Telephone Interview Notification and Instruction notice DE4800/Z/mailed to you. Should the interviewer call and find you not available, the decision regarding your eligibility will be based on the information available to the Department. The Caller ID will display as “PRIVATE,” so please be sure to answer your telephone during the specified time. You may be asked to call 1-800-300-5616, or an alternate phone number may be left by the interviewer. The EDD interviewers have 10 days after the telephone interview to determine your eligibility. All checks/benefits will be delayed until a Determination decision has been made by the Department. A Notice of Determination (DE 1080) may be mailed to you when that decision is reached. Appeals may be filed within twenty (20) days of the issuance date if you are not satisfied with the decision. If the department finds you eligible, benefit payments will be processed for all certified eligible weeks. Please allow 7-10 days for mailing benefit checks.

Your Reference Number is 2984181.

Today I forwarded all of this to Mr. Swandre Swanson, Assembly member for District 16. This afternoon I spoke with Mr. Mickey Jones. I am going to Mr. Swanson’s office to sign a release of information so that he can review my file with EDD. In addition, I will bring all my copies of paperwork.

According to Crystal Ordonez at EDD who called me on the morning of 23 April 2010, the letter EDD sent was not a real letter, rather it was a letter of potential but they send potential letters to everyone. Yes, I can go to an administrative judge hearing but no one has a clue when that will be as they are backed up at least 3 months.

Update:  Our taxpayer dollars were used to confirm I acted in accordance with what a reasonable person would do.  The administrative judge awarded me my unemployment payments and stated I do not owe EDD anything.  There is a 20 day wait though as the other side can determine it would like to appeal and I suppose they will.

Further update 3 November 2010:  During the month of August 2010 I took a job which I thought was going to allow me to do something I love – teach science as a ‘kitchen’ cooking project. Unfortunately (it only took six weeks to figure this out in spite of desperately wanting to make it work) the business which hired me had little to no understanding of (1) science (2) professional issues surrounding the teaching of science, such as sanitation and safety.  After being asked to make cupcake batter (with eggs in the post salmonella scare CA) in a room that had not been adequately cleaned in five days due to ‘running out of cleaning and sanitizing supplies’ with children and then letting batter sit in refrigerator (to my knowledge not sanitized with bleach after having set idle for the summer) for five days before it could be baked (organization was not clear on concept at all of the point of experiment – how does baking powder make cupcakes ‘rise’) was more than I was willing to take on with my teaching credential. In fact, it was definitely more than I was willing to take on as I was studying for my pharmacy technician course work and if I could not identify sanitation in the classroom setting, I would have one hell of a time explaining it in a pharmacy where compounding and sterile processes were used.   So, I resigned.  In my mind, I had not ‘earned’ enough in unemployment to apply for it and my ‘punishment’ was to find another job and get it together.   Alas, unemployment contacted me……with a letter for an interview. Which I participated in for 45 minutes on 26 October 2010. Ultimately Ms. Solomon, who contacted me, asked for faxed copies of the e-mails which substantiate what I was saying (all the while being agasp at the story as her son attends an after school care program which does ‘cooking’).  Ms. Solomon stated she needed to make a decision and so I could not snail mail the paper work.  I spent $20 to fax the paperwork from the local Office Max and wouldn’t you know it, have heard nothing from EDD by e-mail, phone or snail mail.  I sent a message to EDD (#3682882) two days ago asking for some follow up……after all , they contacted me – I had not applied for unemployment.   As of this writing, no response.  I am unsure the $20 fax was of value to me, EDD or will even help me get another job nor help me spot stupidity in an employer faster…….


Update: 24 November 2010 – After manually filling out the paperwork for unemployment again (per e-mail from unemployment) as I was told in writing,  by unemployment I can collect,

since “I did not attempt to defraud unemployment” ( impressive  they understood this  concept considering I neither contacted them initially nor even thought I was entitled due to not ‘banking’ enough from last job and I resigned – never a way to collect unemployment),

I then recieved the forms to fill out  as if the ‘claim’ had never closed…..which is ridiculous since they had just told me to fill out new forms and I needed to fill out a federal form since I had worked for the U.S. Census Bureau over the summer.

By now EDD has used at least two trees – just on me. Why??? I have not a clue but surely being disorganized and not streamlined keeps a great deal of my fellow Californian’s employed.

Hearing for the most recent craziness of November 3, 2010  is on 2/28/11 with Judge C. Stanley Snead

Outcome:  Employer ‘magically’ filed paperwork on 25 of March indicating they never meant to appeal my collecting unemployment.  Administrative judge worked to contact them and give them benefit of doubt they might show up – they did not so appeal was found in my favor.  Cost to me – $0 as I had to be in the general neighborhood for an interview at 1:00 PM; COST TO TAXPAYERS (you and me) – huge, all the paperwork, court time, judge time, etc.  Makes one wonder what is with employers and why EDD does not fine the employer for misuse of court system.  Why should our tax dollars go to support stupidity in HR?

And further proof the universe understands and was in full force: After the court hearing I walked about 1/2 mile to the local health foods market and ate lunch.  Afterwards, I was walking around inside and bumped into some one I recognized but could not remember from where….It was some one who was hired after me and just left the employer (of which I was in the appeals court today).   Why did this other person leave?  Same reason(s) as me, essentially the longer we had an affiliation with this crazy employer, the more likely we were to damage our own reputation so we had to cut our losses  AND employer was funded by our tax dollars..

And an update on 2/19/11

And an update on 3/3/2012

How EDD in California manifests the ‘Peter Principle’ effectively

Going along with a previous blog post on job searches, I decided to add to the madness by sharing the unemployment side of the dilemma and a way to look at the Malcolm Gladwellian  statistics of interpreting unemployment – of which  is really the same as using a Magic 8 Ball.

Unless you have read David Foster Wallace‘s book Infinite Jest, particularly where the stone mason needs to explain to his insurance company the incident with the bricks which led up to his injuries,  you don’t have the sense of humor nor the stomach necessary to appreciate EDD in its current state.

I returned from Kenya on the 22 of December 2009.  In a very brief period of time I was able to access my computer, update my resume and LinkedIn Profile and begin applying for jobs.

Initially I had high hopes as who wouldn’t want some one who recently worked abroad, has a graduate degree, did Peace Corps, has an impressive array of work experience and volunteering. It seemed reasonable anyone would want to hire a competent, enthusiastic about life, educated person.  I have been keeping up the positive attitude as I know it will get me further then actually sharing the sadness and demoraliztion I feel both over being unemployed and the craziness of the job market.  This is me, quoting myself from a previous post.

EDD has determined that I can not collect unemployment for the following convoluted explanation:  Since I gave professional notice to the TEACHER SUBSTITUTE SERVICE (I am not putting in the company name to protect them from embarrassment of how ridiculous they are!) about taking a job in Kenya, taking the job and then returning, I can not collect. In fact, because I was professional and asked if there would be summer work, and they said no, schools close 15 June 2009 and I calculated in my head that schools do not open before 5 August 2009 when I was leaving for Kenya I decided to be professional and write a letter of resignation (not knowing being professional would later be a horrible problem).  Since I ‘resigned’ for good and valid and professional reasons, this resets some clock with EDD which means that I had to earn $1500 from June 1, 2009 to June 12, 2009 (simply not possible unless I had a real job paying more than $120/day and worked 7 days a week). So, not only am I not entitled to unemployment, the money I received, while continuing to look FOR ANY JOB is considered an overpayment – i.e. it would have been preferred by EDD that I lie and never do a resignation.  I want to blame my parents for NOT teaching me how to be deceitful but it just seems so wrong.

According to the TSS people I chose to take a job which would pay less or be more inconsistent….in other words, since TSS could not offer substitute teaching jobs from 15 June 2009 until Labor Day 2009, it would have been better to lie, stay on unemployment until I left for Kenya. So, I sent a copy of the contract to EDD as I actually believe in being honest and not making up stories.  In addition, TSS apparently has a touch of the Nostradamus going on because they knew, before I  or anyone in the known universe did, that the job I signed a two year contract for (and actually was willing to stay 3-5 years at) was going to end in five months.  Of course, the Nostradamus was AFTER I returned – they did not have the insight to share with me before I left the country. In other words, TSS does not want to pay out any unemployment so they decided to try mysticism on the EDD.

Furthermore, I was so honest to the EDD, I went so far as to tell EDD my forwarding address and filled out the papers and mailed them out to let them know my power of attorney – my father in Des Moines, IA.  Go figure how that thickness of paper trail escaped EDD for a long time and in December 2009, they managed to find me and mail me paperwork that I had been ‘overpaid’ at some point in the past to the tune of $550, which they could provide no documentation for.  Now, to make matters worse (I know you are not laughing yet), EDD decided that retroactively I owe them $1330 because of the latent Nostradamus effect from TSS which indicates I gave them professional notice of ending my employment by 15 June 2009 (which gets back to the point that there would be no summer employment).   In otherwords, TSS is claiming they knew when I gave my professional notice in June 2009 that it would not work out.  I sure wish they had shared this premonition with me.

So, I have again appealed to EDD to re-evaluate the whole situation using real facts and actual documents (I was not even able to get half time work out of TSS as the work did not exist) including the paperwork they show which indicates my work hours when I was collecting unemployment.

I hate to sound so logical about what I am stating except for the fact all of this is on a computer system and anyone who chose to do the labor could find all the said paperwork, put it in order and realize that at no point was I trying to game the system or lie.

Oh, by the way, The Peter Principle is as follows:

The Peter Principle book has attained such renown that The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as “The theory that employees within an organization will advance to their highest level of competence and then be promoted to and remain at a level at which they are incompetent.” … “In a hierarchically structured administration, people tend to be promoted up to their level of incompetence,” or, as Dr. Peters Principal explained more simply, “The cream rises until it sours.”

All this being said, is it any wonder that at the height of unemployment in California, levels not seen since the 1930’s, TSS had to run ads on Craigslist for subs?  It would seem that TSS practicing predictive  (after the fact!) mysticism and EDD not being able to follow a paper trail a mile long and inches thick qualifies for exemplification of  The Peter Principle by any stretch.

Update:  Some tax dollars were used so I could go to an administrative law judge on appeal. The administrative law judge stated I acted the way a reasonable person would act and I was awarded my unemployment and do not owed EDD anything. There is a 20 day wait though as the other side can file an appeal.

Further update: In August 2010 I took a job with a business (for profit – owned by an individual and is an LLP, African American female to boot) to provide ‘after school services’ at public schools on the government dime – some one ‘knows how’ to do grant writing, in other words.  Although I suspected there were issues with the company based on a number of small problems such as calendaring training with more than 48 hours notice, I took the job in hopes I could offer up something to this fledgling business which was trying to grow. 

 Within two weeks I realized the owner of the company had power/control issues beyond normal and appropriate, had hired some employees well below the minimum qualifications to do the job well and could not manage to sort out things such as what to do in an earthquake or fire emergency after school so I began to seriously question the wisdom of staying with this job and the potential train wreck ahead as I actually have a teaching credential.

As I was internally debating the merits and cons of the job (I was far too embarrased to admit to family and friends I was working for such a sham), things reached a point at which I was not willing to jeopardize my teaching credential (in fact, any logical being would have seen through).  I was asked to make cupcakes with students using eggs – prepare the batter on a Friday and refrigerate until possibly Wednesday when there would be time to bake said batter for an ‘experiment’ on how baking powder is a leavening agent. Never mind that baking powder has a ‘window of opportunity’ once activated (and it is not even 12 hours) nor the fact that I had no knowledge of the refrigerator being adequately sanitized after having set vacant all summer nor the fact that we had just gone through a crazy salmonella scare in CA…..this is what I was TOLD to do and ‘the chain of command’ had spoken (part of this chain was a recent college grad from Cal Berkeley with a BS in Biology).  

I resigned. I did not contact unemployment as I had figured I had not earned enough in six weeks to obtain unemployment.  The owner of the company contacted unemployment to state what  a lying, deceitful person I was filing for unemployment (you see the problem here). Unemployment contacted me – which in the State of CA is unheard of – unemployment tracking some one down to give away money??? 

I submitted 11 pages of e-mails, including the one where the business owner even offered to recommend me to another job she knew about (which pretty much flies in the face of me being lying and deceitful unless she likes to align herself with those types of people).  EDD stated I had the right to unemployment. I filled out the paperwork and began to collect.  You can imagine my shock when EDD then sent me another letter stating the same person who contacted EDD was now in disagreement and wants an administrative hearing about me collecting unemployment.  Reminder: I never applied in the first place, she made the contact.

So, I am waiting for the appropriate paperwork from the administrative courts yet again to go sit through another hearing about employer logic. 

If this is not a total waste of tax payer money and no one can see the issue, it exemplifies why CA is a disaster. Furthermore, it makes me wonder what one has to do to tell a lie – the truth is far to ugly.

The Saga of Unemployment Ends! (And then starts up again….)

I am not sure what the best fit theory is for my unemployment story, however, it has been resolved.  Suffice it to say that either leaving the contintinent expedites things or by relative comparion to a developing nation, the process seems expedited.

I was able to leave my father with Power of Attorney and he was able to navigate all the paperwork.

Where I am now, Kenya, unemployment insurance is a luxury so extravagant it does not yet exist here.  I can not imagine how I would have survived the last 5 months and yet I watch in utter amazement at the people around me who will figure out something useful in a matter of days s0 they can be part of the economy.  It is imperative for people here to be doing something as unemployment payments do not exist.

I am thankful for what America provides and hope someday Kenya will be in a position to follow our footsteps – we have the child of a native son of theirs leading our country!


I returned to the US on 12/22/09.  Here is the EDD follow up for unemployment:

I originally filed and started communicating with EDD on 12/28/2009 (see e-mails 2308603, 2365460l, 2426446, 9382905, 2597496). I have responded as quickly as possible (including phone calls) to EDD. I have begun repaying what EDD said I OWE them in an overpayment.
On 2/26/10 I spoke with Charoltte in San Bernadino and was told I would have either a written response OR a check. Neither has happened.
I am going to copy this to send to my State of CA Reps as it seems that after two months, EDD CAN do this and respond.
Please get back to me regarding what is to happen next.

The Saga Continues From A New Continent

This past year I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful job prospect in Kenya.  I moved on the 7th of August and am now working at Maria Soti Girls Education Center.

Before I left to start this job, I arranged for my father to have power of attorney to resolve my outstanding unemployment issues with EDD. To date, or at least as of a week ago, I received one of the two payments owed me by EDD in California.

In spite of my father having power of attorney and my giving an explicit e-mail to EDD regarding my whereabouts, including my passport number so they could even see I am an expat with a work permit in Kenya, it is like pulling teeth to get the last amount of money owed me by EDD.

At least for now, I am satisfied with the fact that I can claim it on income tax as items unpaid by State of CA and owed me – it would probably be equal to a portion of my State of CA income tax for 2009.

It continues to amaze me how CA operates as inefficiently as a developing nation…..


Unemployment Update Squared And Cubed

Two and one half weeks ago, I was apparently not quick enough to race to the mailbox and retrieve my mail.  All my mail for one day was stolen.  This was everything from a Netflix disc (which they now say they have back) to credit card bills to my undemployment check – which usually shows up on a Friday or Saturday.

I have been extremely conscientious in contacting EDD and have not had a response. 

It seems to me there is much wrong with a system that can not accept phone calls nor respond to e-mail – kind of like the black hole in the drier which eats socks.  Suggestions? Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?

Unemployment correspondence
Items about mail being stolen and asking for a stop pay/reissue of last check as well as form to fill out for next check:
I have tried multiple times to call your office. Each time I have called, I have been told your office is overwhelmed by calls.
I have e-mailed as your phone states, “Items will be resolved within 5 business days.”  Here are the following e-mail numbers 1369047,1434942,1438803. I have asked for my stolen check to be stop pay/re-issue and I never received received a new check. 
Along with the check would be the check sheet for my next unemployment check. I have not not received that either so I am now two checks or about $1200 behind.
I have written my congress person and senator.
There is not a whole lot else I can do.
I would appreciate an e-mail response with a timeline of what EDD intends to do to solve this problem.
Further update:   As of 7 August 2009, I live in Kenya and work for Kenyans at a school in Eldoret. I communicated all of this to EDD via e-mail and the fact I sent a power of attorney to my father so he could sort all the rest of this out since I now live out of the country and believe I am owed the last 3-4 weeks of my unemployment.
I had all of my mail forwarded to my father a week ago via the USPS (I even have the $1 charge on my debit card to facilitate this action).  The EDD sent the paperwork to create a stop pay/re-issue check and the USPS delivered it to my old address on 8 August 2009……..I am not sure who(m) to be more angry at – EDD for their slowness or USPS for not forwarding my mail.
I guess this is why America is the place so many people want to be, not.

Further Unemployment Update

On Tuesday, 17 March, 2009, I was able to talk with Michelle/Mitchell.  She spent a substantial amount of time on the phone with me and was very pleasant/helpful.  On Thursday, 19 March, 2009 I had my seven weeks of unemployment checks, minus any earnings I had made by working.

After waiting to match up work hours with income, I submitted my EDD information on the evening of 3/21/09 for the most recent two weeks.  I goofed in not putting in hours matching to money earned, however, it would seem that EDD would call/e-mail me to clarify and I should be receiving the resulting money within the next week.   I sent e-mail number 712149 on 3/25/09 to report the hours worked I neglected to fill in on the form.

My goal is to stop holding up the process and get the regular checks from EDD in the same way I am able to obtain pay from my P/T employer.