The author currently lives in the Mid-West (Des Moines, IA) after escaping California.

The ideas, thoughts, laments and other ephemera written here are strictly the reaction of the author to the world and the occurrences  she has observed. While some writing may bear a strong resemblance to the real world you inhabit, it would be purely hypothetical in your perception of the authors  apparent similar reality.  You need to do more research and consider this blog one of many viewpoints along your way to thinking through a concept.


Ignorance is not knowing. Stupid is not wanting to know.

As Thomas Friedman of the New York Times states in Longitudes & Attitudes,

…. I write for reaction, of which there are four possible: (1) “I didn’t know that.” (2) “You know, I never looked at it that way before.” (3) “You said exactly  what I feel, but I didn’t quite know how to express it.”  (4) I hate you and everything you stand for.”  A column is (or in my case blog) is defined as much by the people who hate it as much as the people who love it.  I want to challenge and provoke….

If I personally were to say I want people to get angry (as Mr. Friedman states he sometimes likes to do at times), it would be to make them think.   I want people to think about the world around them, ask questions and not be so ready to accept everything they are told or ‘find’ on the internet.      To quote a  quote, “If you are not outraged (angry) , you are not paying attention.”

Purple writing – my own

Blue writing – Mr. Friedman