While you were all looking at test scores and Michelle Rhee was blaming teachers……..


The above item would have flown right under the radar had some one not pointed it out to me. It would not have even occurred to me that this would be an Aspire Public Schools issue.  Of course, I gave Aspire the benefit of the doubt and looked at http://www.aspirepublicschools.org/?q=financials. and http://www.aspirepublicschools.org/?q=pressroom as I believe all parties should have an opportunity to weigh in on the subject.

From what I can gather, Fitch sees Aspire as being not transparent enough. From what I read about (written by others), Aspire refuses to be honest http://acsa.org/MainMenuCategories/Advocacy/Issues-and-Actions/Success-for-ELSF.aspx, which has nothing to do with tenure or all the other rigamarow Ms. Rhee constantly complains about.  Aspire seems to be anti-competitive, which is anti-Michelle Rhee and anti-Jeffrey Canada. This all makes for some interesting conversation.  I can find no mention of the bond issue nor the lawsuit issue.  No where can I find Michelle Rhee’s commentary………so I will leave the interpretation of all of this to the reader.

This demonstrates to me once again that charter schools have been so busy marketing and touting themselves that reality never had a chance. Aspire is a not for profit CORPORATION. By reasonable standards, people should be flinching about the lack of competitiveness Aspire Public Schools operates under.  The message may well be that test scores really do not tell the whole story, even though Aspire and Michelle Rhee would have us believe otherwise with propaganda.

This is Aspire 15 years out. I have to wonder if this is what Don Shalvey, James Wilcox, Wayne Hilty and Elise Darwish prepared for in advance and escaping to Tennessee is not the entire answer. It would seem that abandoning  part or all they sought to change in CA is definitely not a good answer for students, investors and  public education.  With Wall St. having brought down the economy,  limited and insufficient disclosure to Fitch does not seem to be in line with what the public would like to know.


Under the bonds’ continuing disclosure agreement, the lawsuit does not       appear to qualify as a ‘significant event.’ However, given Aspire’s significant concerns regarding the lawsuit, Fitch views the lack of       communication until after the proposed statement of decision negatively.       In addition, the March 21, 2012 disclosure statement made no reference   to the serious risks, including possible default, cited by management in       its declarations to the court.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for June 8. Fitch will   continue to monitor developments in the lawsuit and their potential   ramifications for bondholders.

Of course the real concern is how did these people NOT have an appropriate long term business plan in place knowing CA politics?  What are the board of directors http://www.aspirepublicschools.org/?q=board thinking? I have to wonder if even Superman can make this better considering charter schools have touted that their composition is based on their ability to do it better for less.  Jeffrey Canada, are you paying attention?


2 thoughts on “While you were all looking at test scores and Michelle Rhee was blaming teachers……..

  1. An encounter with the Aspire ‘staff’ oddly resembles the admission counselors for the for profit ‘colleges’. You’ve packed your posts with a lot of thought inspiring information. For example, your list of excuses for non-teachers had one point in particular that should and could be quickly resolved.

    When I hear some lazy, uncommitted parent shuffle off his own responsibility for his child’s problems with the standard “They don’t come with a manual” drivel, I want to shake him and scream, well why the hell did you have them then, given your clueless, uninformed state of parental readiness? Would you jump out of a plane or fly a rocket ship without preparing or at least trying to learn from books and others so you might know as much as you can?

    So here is my proposal: Write the manual. Distribute to EVERY person before entering puberty/adolescence/reproductive maturity (this one is an oxymoron if ever there was one), review the manual, add it to the mandatory (graduation required) curriculum, test them and require all students to submit a long term parenthood plan omitting no detail. Then, should you encounter one of these excuse makers, you can have a manual and test scores at the ready and hopefully derail his blame shifting race to ruin.

  2. Dear Jadedserf,
    While I appreciate what you are saying, I don’t think it works in a democratic society. What does work is when people make choices, take responsibility for their choices and make new, different and hopefully better choices. The Aspire Public Schools Staff resembles admission counselors from for profit colleges as they are a business, a non- profit, which is still a business. Aspire is to re-invest the earnings it obtains back into programs for students as opposed to a for profit business which may have shareholders.
    Part of the problem with people having ‘adoration’ and ‘deification’ of charter schools is the lack of understanding a charter school is a business model – either non-profit or for profit as opposed to public education, which is a different model with different constraints as it is paid for through taxes.
    Hopefully you will have the opportunity to educate yourself on charter school practices and the style of which they push/sell their product as well as better understand what tax payers can achieve and concerned community members.
    Thank you for reading AND for taking the time to comment.

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