Parenting skills for a novice

Dear Parents,

I found this video  and wanted to share it with you.  Not only does this parent clearly elucidate the issues at hand and why it is unsettling to him, he clearly solves the problem.   There is a point at which talking is NOT the solution and action is required.  Oh, and by the way, children under 18 need parental consent for using some of these websites so you do get to monitor what is being done.

While I do not advocate/condone the technique used at the end of the video, there are similar things which can be equally effective with a hammer or window drop (from the 5th floor or higher).

Remember, you are the adult in the relationship. YOU are the parent. YOU get to set the standard your child lives up to.

Take time to be a parent in the same way you expect me to take time to be a teacher. I do not have as much influence on your child as you do. My job is merely to inspire your child to want to learn MORE!

Please support me in educating your child by setting high expectations of behavior at home, at school and making sure your child applies themself to learn.   All the rest will be pretty easy.


Your Child’s Teacher

Grades K-12

P.S.  Dear Hannah,

You may not like your father very much right now. I am sure when you are in college, doing well and have a family of your own you will appreciate your father cared enough to love you and discipline you.

Follow up: