A Mid-Term Parental Assessment


While this blog is addressing the article noted above, the reality is something like this needs to be done within the first two weeks of school and again at the mid-term assessment for students.  We are not, as a state or nation throwing everything we have at the educational dilemma in this country. Until parents are completely on board and accountable, we will continue to obtain, at best, mediocre outcomes as that is what lack of parental involvement produces.

The DATA would really be an eye opener for parents, teachers and students. Imagine if you could actually  be conversing with parents that were involved and in some way accountable……..not sure what accountability would look like other  then good student grades,  however, something like tax credits for B and above grades should not be out of the question (wink, wink, nudge, nudge Governor Brown, President Obama, Congress, etc.)  It is also possible that any parent collecting unemployment, food stamps, etc. be required to fill this type of questionnaire out monthly or every two months to demonstrate they are doing more than being at home.

In my very perfect world, mid-term assessment has to involve parents. The parents could use a #2 pencil, an app on a smart phone or an e-mail. The parent could do their assessment at school or have it completed by a particular date much like taxes.   While some questions may appear cynical or a form of entrapment, the reality is all parents should be able to answer each and every question on this assessment.  A parent who can not answer clearly has some room for improvement and this can be addressed in question 19.  This is not an exclusive list, it is a starting point. I believe that 25 questions would not be unreasonable.  I can not wait to see which school district and what Silicon Valley company will take this challenge on.

The assessment for parents would look like this:

(1) What is your library card number? Please write it down.

(2) What was the last book you read? Please write a two paragraph summary.

(3) What is your child’s library card number? Please write it down.

(4) Please write the date of the last time you went to the library with your child.

(5) What is the last book your child read? Please write the title and a brief two paragraph ummary.

(6) What is your favorite TV show?

(7) What is the last movie you watched?

(8) How much time (hours and minutes) does your child spend each day  (a) doing homework    and    (b) studying

(9) How much time (hours and minutes) does your child spend on  (a) the computer (non-academic) (b) TV

(10) What subject does your child have the best grade in?

(11) what subject does your child have a weak grade in?

(12) What was the approximate date of last parent/teacher conference?

(13) When was the last time you reviewed your childs work (homework, quizzes and tests) for completeness and grade achievement?

(14) When was the last time you had contact with your child’s school?

(15) What is the name of your child’s teacher (K-6) or home room and last class teacher?

(16) Describe the cover of your child’s agenda book.

(17) When was the last time you signed your child’s agenda book?

(18) Make a list of three things you will do this semester to help your child improve at school:

Be prepared to do a self assessment regarding your parent goals below for any class in which your child receives a grade of C or less.

(a)  I will __________________________ with my child so that they will _________________ in  (subject).

(b) I will __________________________ with my child so that they will _________________ in  (subject).

(c) I will __________________________ with my child so that they will _________________ in  (subject).

(19) Please list any information/resources we can provide to you to help you assist your child in outstanding academic achievement.

(20) Attached please find a calendar for the rest of the school year including PTA meetings, school board meetings and other major events which have effects on your child’s educational success.