We all need a BOOST UP now and again!

Completely by accident, while looking at news items, I stumbled upon:     http://www.boostup.org/en  – motivate,  volunteer, inspire.  My first thought was to find out how they did the math to calculate the drop out rate as it seemed so incredibly high in many respects.  I then started going through each section of the website.  What I began to realize is the web site is about facts. It was not asking for money as is the case with Studentsfirst.org. The website did not condemn teachers, administrators, budget cuts, politicians…..it merely presented information.  I began to feel that this website spoke to both my heart and mind because it bypassed the clap trap of why one should care, do something about the drop out rate, etc. and made it imperative WE do something.

While we may each have different political views, we all share the common goal:   an educated populace is one which is more likely to create GDP, more likely to have a healthy populace, less likely to have war and all the other good things which going along with a well-functioning democracy.

So, as the budget for education is getting snipped at the edges or seriously going to the chop shop as it is in California, instead of complaining-DO SOMETHING!  Volunteering never hurt anyone and in this case it seems pretty direct, no middle person to ‘administrate’ and run up costs.  Boost Up some students in your area and boost up how you feel about yourself.