The Truth is OUT There……… (The X Files) made a great prognostication

Considering that all of CA has a proximity of not greater than say 500 miles from Silicon Valley, never mind Sacramento, it is about time some one did some useful data mining.  Almost a full 20% of CA youth do not graduate HS…….. For those who are mathematically inclined, take a look at any kindergarten class of 30 students and pick the six who will not get through high school.  It is that simple.  What is happening from age 6-18, a span of 12 years which precludes these students from passing even the most rudimentary education hurdle?  We need to take a look at ourselves and do some deep reflection and start problem solving.

I have been told, via sociology circles, that to gain control of a population it is far more effective and cost effective to not educate a population for 10 years. For every 10 consecutive years of not educating a population, it takes 50-100 to undo.  There are no hard core numbers for this – it may even be speculative. No matter how you think about it, even if it took 10-25 years to undo what happened, it is significant. We have undone our own community and country thread by thread in not educating this portion of the population so they can lead a fulfilling life, have a job and not get involved with the underside of lacking an education – crime, drugs, homelessness, early disease, death, all of which are seen in third world countries.  If I was inclined to think in terms of conspiracies, I would look towards NCLB and the constant underfundedness….

It is inadequate to say we should feel embarrassed. We should feel ashamed that we have allowed ourselves to believe any other deceit over the years when we allowed high schools to self report, including charter schools.  Hopefully these numbers will create a flinch which will make people act.