Potential Job Recommendation

Dear Mr. Bloomberg,

I noticed you are short a chancellor this morning.  While I am sorry for the loss to the schools, it seems Ms. Black was poorly vetted.

To that end, I would like to remind you of a young woman who does have some education background named Ms. Rhee.  Her career really took off in Washington D.C.  until she upset the wrong people (parents, teachers and so forth).  Currently Ms. Rhee is running an organization www.studentsfirst.org    Although her agenda requires her to blame teachers for all of the problems within education, I am sure her true intentions are good.

Ms. Rhee may be worth talking to about recommending some one to your open chancellor post.  I would recommend Ms. Rhee, however, she has not shown herself to be able to gain substantial momentum from the people she is trying to appeal to most.  

Good luck on vetting a new, highly qualified person.