It’s Looking A Lot Like……Charter Schools

Governor Cuomo has a good idea and I for one wish him exceedingly well.  By putting public schools in New York all on equal footing (charter schools and regular public schools), it will be interesting to see the outcomes.  Some charter schools do very well with a bare bones model.

The other message, oft missed when something like this is cast down from ‘above’ is not just efficiencies but the burden of really deciding what is needed as opposed to wanted.  Hopefully this will force principals and other district officials not to glom on to the next ‘new-new’ thing which will save the day and actually focus their resources on what works.

While I can sense the animosity brewing on both sides (just look at what went down in Wisconsin this past week over pay and collective bargaining), it is clear this will allow a sense of  demonstrating responsibility to pass back to administrators and teachers.

I have reason to believe (being a teacher myself) that although resources will be exceedingly tight, administrators and teachers will make good, appropriate decisions for the schools since they will be unburdened to some degree from administrative over-management.  Although I doubt all schools will have equal access to ‘what works’, as noted in my blog    , this will hopefully put constraints on some of the over the top spending at the schools which have more than adequate access and resources and quite possibly create collaboration.