When Stealing Is Not The Issue At Hand- When Equity In Education ABSOLUTELY Does Not Exist!


The overwhelming majority of people reading this article would most likely focus on the possibility that $5,000 out of $500,000 was embezzeled.  I began to focus on how a school, even in New York, could accrue $500,000 in the 08/09 school year in fund raising and not bother to share with schools which are surely less fortunate.  1/2 million dollars to a school in poverty is a veritable gold mine.

I have long been an education advocate of ‘sharing the wealth’.  Part of this belief lies in the idea that public education is for all, not just those kids in the wealthy part of the city. There needs to be a cap on what a PTA can raise within any year and once the cap is met, the ‘overflow’ is given then passed on to another or other schools within the public school district. Preferably the poorest schools.

Having witnessed this insanity in the community I live in as well as reading about it in other communities makes me ill and ashamed that parents with children in public schools believe they have the right to tilt the system merely because they have the money.  What these parents lack in understanding is how this inequity unfolds…….ultimately the children of PS 29 will be in a world with other kids who did not grow up going to  public school moonlighting as a private school.  Imagine the kids at a school in the Bronx who do not have ACCESS to an y of the things these students in Brooklyn have, never mind a SPA which caters to expectant mothers.   It makes me wonder if the parents of children at PS 29 have no idea what to do with their wealth.

It is amazing what parents can do if they have a mind AND the pockets to do it.  Most schools in poverty lack people with the education, resources and time to do the fund raising necessary to actually make a difference (this is why charter schools hire grant writers, etc.).  While we are in the midst of the largest financial crunch of our lifetime, may I suggest parents set the example of spreading around a great education.