Nothing anyone would notice, right??

I am still out on the count of what I think about  In order to get a better frame of reference for myself (and anyone who bothers to read my blog) I am going to address the various e-mails I receive and information.  I will be rating each on a scale of 1-10 where a 1 simply means, WHY DID YOU BOTHER? and a 10 means, WOW, I KNOW YOU ARE ON TO SOMETHING IMPRESSIVE AND I WISH YOU SUCCESS!

Starting with today: 

29 December 2010

I hope you’re having a happy holiday season! If you have a minute, I’d like your help.

From ensuring that every child has an excellent teacher to protecting parents’ choices for their children, we have a lot of work to do in the new year. I’d like to know what our members think are the top priorities in each state and community.

Make your voice heard. Let me know how you rank the different priorities for transforming public education in America. We’d like to use your ideas to inform our work at StudentsFirst.
The survey will close on January 3, and I look forward to hearing what you think!

Thank you and have a happy New Year!

— Michelle

Rating: 3  Rationale – The idea is great in concept and I truly believe StudentsFirst is struggling to ‘develop’ a platform so credit is due for even attempting to find out public perception.  Doing any survey not related to the holdiays or weather over a holiday break, is, well – squidgy.  Squidgy is what my college stats professor would insinuate as meaning, ‘you will get the answer you are looking for’ and the relevance of your answer is unworthy for publication.  A survey of such magnitude should be done over a longer period of time to accomodate people who may be on holiday (many schools do not even start up again until 10 January 2011), people who may not have regular access to technology (I am guessing a great deal of people in poverty who should desire to have input) and there should be results which indicate the following: X people are involved with website and Y responded, here is the overall response rate and the information we obtained.   Yes, I digress, I was noticing what was going on with the survey…….

3 January 2011

I check for groups in my area by zip code – multiple groups totalling 53 members in all (one group had 14 total members). Ido not see anything different than what the Tea Party inspired – a bunch of splinter groups with ‘related’ but uncongealed agendas running around with their group ‘initiatives’.  There is an open position in the are of communications on the job board section.   At this time, I am not sure what the AGENDA is other then to motivate people to think. There does not seem to be a focused, linear action plan which I can ascertain and I hesitate to get involved with multiple groups and begin with the burdonsomeness of re-inventing a wheel at each one.   Somehow I feel this needs to be streamlined.

6 January 2011

Checked Studentsfirst website looking for the data – seems to me it is easy enough to plug data points into an excel spread sheet and obtain a pie chart.   Nothing. Nothing on any part of the website – as if the survey never even happened.  Not sure if this means the data was ‘unclear’ or there was not enough data to demonstrate. Since the information was important in deciding how studentsfirst should proceed, it would be of utmost value to get it publicized. The point that I had to go back to the website to find nothing warrants this a zero value.  Michelle, can you speak to this?

10 January 2011

20K teachers and 77K parents…….hmm, I am wondering why there is a minimum disparity of 50 K.  I suspect that either (1) teachers will be forced to buy in to Ms. Rhee’s ideas or (2) there is going to be a great deal of drama. 

The stats of how 97K people voted or 20K teachers (not clear who took the survey which ended on the 3rd) voted are no where to be found. Clarity? Transparency?  Still looking for a basic pie chart that would help me wrap myself around the agenda (and who is pushing it….teachers?  parents?  Michelle?)

3 for gettting some information out there and then not even bothering to clarify/quantify what it means.