Improvements to the CA Budget – a suggestion

Dear Mr. Sandre Swanson,

We have not met in person – in fact I have not even met Mickey Jones from your office in person, however, you are where this blog falls out as the State of CA wants suggestions for the Budget and I would like to resolve my six month old unemployment claim – without having another forest ameliorated in the process.

I am not sure if competence at EDD plays a factor in all of this or one of the things they try to do is so upset citizens of CA we will stop asking for unemployment, thereby making the numbers look better. Whatever the elaborate process is and the rationalized reasoning behind it, some one needs to gut it (after wacking it on the dock like a fish) and start over because it is broken almost completely beyond repair.

Since 12/28/2009, the following are the list of e-mail messages I have sent to EDD: 2308603, 2365460,2426446, 9382905, 2597496, 2807982, 2825814, 2829559, 2848430, 2848456, 2848474, 2984181, 3132965, 3156856, 3166716 (this one for deducting money against how the administrative judge ruled in my favor).  Around about the 10th or 11th e-mail is when I contacted your office because some one at EDD had to read all these e-mails and if they get $10/hr, they are making a goldmine off this. Meanwhile, I have had no less than 50 pieces of mail sent – some where it appears the send button was just hit repetitively and postage has to cost something.  In addition, my time is money – I have been working part time for the U.S. Census Bureau and tutoring and shortly will start a summer job.  I have appealled three separate times because appeal one and two apparently were not reviewed – that cost money to send certified.  I used an administrative judges time both in her chambers and for her to write a report.  I started to pay back money to EDD I did not even believe I owed because they kept sending me mail and I don’t want to ruin my credit. The administrative judge backed me up on this in the appeal.

Needless to say, after 5 1/2 months and some help from Mickey Jones in your office, the CA State Budget is not benefitting from the stagnation nor problem solving.  On some level I fear it would have been actually cheaper for EDD to just pay me than go through their convoluted process.

If you really want to start evaluating the State of CA budget, could you tell EDD to stop mailing so much stuff and communicate in writing via e-mail – this is why they set it up.  EDD should be given a time line  for resolution – anything over 90 days is reviewed, in the same way accounts receivable does an aging process.  This is going on par with banks taking their time to do loan re-modifications and meanwhile many of us are trying to go out and get a job and function so we, citizens, as your constituents, can turn CA around.

I am supposing that many other people would have given up after e-mail  five in sheer frustration which merely makes the unemployment numbers look better on some graph some where but belies the life/lives of people and families struggling to function in the midst of an economic meltdown most people have not seen in their life time (unless they are 80 or older).   There really has to be a better way for our government in CA to function and by golly, Obama wants transparency, he and you are getting it in this blog – this is something which truly requires change.


Natalie – Your Constituent in Alameda

P.S.       Apparently the market was not so keen on the falsely inflated unemployment numbers either.