The Little Details Which Matter

Every so often I see something so silently amazing it baffles me why it has not received more acclaim.  Talk about bang for the buck…….

I sure wish some parents and  charter schools would look into what works with Berkeley Scholars to Cal as it seems to  be the real deal, without any ‘test score’ marketing.  Of course the draw back is that parents have to be committed to parenting, which I think should be the case no matter what, not a special exception. In my perfect world, the parents of students in Berkeley Scholars to Cal should be recruiting parents and get paid a commission to do the job.

Berkeley Scholars to Cal

The program costs about $100,000 a year to run, with funding from the city, Berkeley Unified School District, foundations and numerous private donations. It takes high-potential black and Latino students — those showing proficiency in math and English and some personal motivation — and tutors them twice a week after school. Students also go to a program three hours every Saturday morning.

There also is intensive personal interaction with the black and Latino tutors from UC Berkeley, their students and the students’ families.

Robinson said there are “literal steps” students and parents must take to get their kids to college and a better life.

When all is said and done, being a parent is, as Dear Abby said long ago, so much more then getting pregnant and giving birth.