Adding Up The Census Numbers – 2010 is Looking Weird

While I continue to decipher the jobless economic turnaround, I was hired by the U.S. Census Bureau as an enumerator – the person who wanders around looking for people who in some way, shape or form were not compliant with the governments request for data.  It is an interesting job as people have an endless variety of reasons for not sharing information they give out to everyone else for much more ridiculous reasons than congressional representation and bus lines.

In spite of the all time low approval rating for government, most people filled out their census forms, albeit with a bit of confusion as to where they physically were on 1 April 2010.  Of the people who did not bother to fill out the forms, wish to evade the community/civic responsibility of being counted or those who mailed it in a bit late and I must go and visit as the forms are in the ‘missing in action’ category, there seem to be a heck of a lot of vacancies all around.  I don’t really think people understand the numbers and the magnitude of the problem – certainly not the census bureau.

I have had to explain in writing to my supervisors why I could not obtain proxy information for an all but vacant apartment building where the house across the street has been up for sale for at least six months, the house across the street the other way is being refurbished and the house next door is in the process of closing escrow (people to move in soon) as previous owners passed on.  The U.S. Government, ever relentless in documentation issues has many forms for this issue………I won’t bother to bore you the details, just know your federal tax dollars are being used in every possible way for every possible triplicate of anything you can dream about.

In a day and age where so much can and should be done on a computer, the daily life of an enumerator is tons of paperwork and foot steps.  I greatly appreciate the people who do not wish to enter into a grandiose discussion regarding why the mailed in census was not received and work with me to give me the paltry details I need.  My working colleagues are also awesome.  This is a great way to get to know your community and I have met many wonderful people.   The down side is so many people who can not understand their federal tax dollars are being used to pay me to go out and collect the information not turned in, so, although I don’t wish to be out of a job prematurely, it is helpful when they work with me on the details rather than be angry at the messenger of  The U.S. Census Bureau.

If a Census Bureau Enumerator visits you, go easy on them. Help them out with what you know and understand that they are doing a community service – not a community uprising/asailing.  We want what will benefit our community which is why the truth in numbers is important.

When the real numbers are put out, I think we are all going to be surprised at the depth and dynamic of this recent deaccession of our wealth and posessions.