2 thoughts on “Discerning the Data Through the Eyes of the Beholder – Wendy Kopp and TFA

  1. Judging from my niece’s experiences so far (about 8 months) in the Peace Corps in Africa, it doesn’t seem to me that the PC does any more good for the local people than TFA does.
    One of my columns actually looks at the only survey of TFA teacher success or lack thereof – and the survey showed that the TFAers didn’t raise student achievement to speak of.

  2. Dear gfbrandenburg – I appreciate your comment and take it to heart. The only thing I would add, is Peace Corps does not have a goal of raising scores on any test which I know of and Peace Corps actually has a pretty good retention rate once people get past training. In addition, anyone who finishes Peace Corps tends to say positive things and many desire serving their third year. It is a different vibe in Peace Corps. TFA wanted to use the model of social justice which Peace Corps follows, however, TFA is negligent in one important area – you have to have community involvement first and help them with self efficacy. TFA is telling the community what they need to do to obtain self efficacy and it does not seem to be working based on what I can see. Worldwide, a person can ask various communities about Peace Corps and they rave about the volunteers; I have yet to see communities band together and put out positive public relations (PR) of their own accord, without the marketing monster of a charter school or TFA self aggrandizement.

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