One Unabridged Webster’s Dictionary = Tons of Smiles and Happiness

On Friday 25 October 2009, my goods arrived from the U.S.  The majority of what I packed 3 1/2 months ago was for learners and teachers-  the largest portion being BOOKS! It is difficult to obtain books on the Continent of Africa due to the shipping costs ( and so I knew I was bringing the ultimate treat.

As I was unpacking, I had to sort through what was for the school library, what is for teacher development and what were my personal books.  When I found the unabridged dictionary, I was happy- when I brought it to the school library I was even more happy, but when I saw my learners glow and look through the dictionary and ask if there really could be that many words in the English Language, my soul had been fed.

All afternoon girls were in and out of the library just going through the new books, but most of all the buzz was the giant dictionary.  I had not thought the dictionary would be the most exciting element as I had many  books for science, math, history, etc., all of which have pictures; there are novels, etc. But the dictionary reigned supreme.