The Saga of Unemployment Ends! (And then starts up again….)

I am not sure what the best fit theory is for my unemployment story, however, it has been resolved.  Suffice it to say that either leaving the contintinent expedites things or by relative comparion to a developing nation, the process seems expedited.

I was able to leave my father with Power of Attorney and he was able to navigate all the paperwork.

Where I am now, Kenya, unemployment insurance is a luxury so extravagant it does not yet exist here.  I can not imagine how I would have survived the last 5 months and yet I watch in utter amazement at the people around me who will figure out something useful in a matter of days s0 they can be part of the economy.  It is imperative for people here to be doing something as unemployment payments do not exist.

I am thankful for what America provides and hope someday Kenya will be in a position to follow our footsteps – we have the child of a native son of theirs leading our country!


I returned to the US on 12/22/09.  Here is the EDD follow up for unemployment:

I originally filed and started communicating with EDD on 12/28/2009 (see e-mails 2308603, 2365460l, 2426446, 9382905, 2597496). I have responded as quickly as possible (including phone calls) to EDD. I have begun repaying what EDD said I OWE them in an overpayment.
On 2/26/10 I spoke with Charoltte in San Bernadino and was told I would have either a written response OR a check. Neither has happened.
I am going to copy this to send to my State of CA Reps as it seems that after two months, EDD CAN do this and respond.
Please get back to me regarding what is to happen next.