The Saga Continues From A New Continent

This past year I was fortunate enough to find a wonderful job prospect in Kenya.  I moved on the 7th of August and am now working at Maria Soti Girls Education Center.

Before I left to start this job, I arranged for my father to have power of attorney to resolve my outstanding unemployment issues with EDD. To date, or at least as of a week ago, I received one of the two payments owed me by EDD in California.

In spite of my father having power of attorney and my giving an explicit e-mail to EDD regarding my whereabouts, including my passport number so they could even see I am an expat with a work permit in Kenya, it is like pulling teeth to get the last amount of money owed me by EDD.

At least for now, I am satisfied with the fact that I can claim it on income tax as items unpaid by State of CA and owed me – it would probably be equal to a portion of my State of CA income tax for 2009.

It continues to amaze me how CA operates as inefficiently as a developing nation…..