Peeking at Edjoin

For whatever reason, I got it in my head that it would be interesting to look at what positions are open in education in the U.S.  The area I am most familiar with of course is CA, so onto Edjoin.

Considering the malevolent level of unemployment, I expected Edjoin to be, well, empty of listings.  I was surprised at what I found and in equal measure concerned.  How is it in a nation where there is  actually  no limit to top flight universities, are there gaps in educating the nations children?

I compare this with the developing country I am currently in where university spots are difficult to obtain in country and you need exhorbitant amounts of money to even think of going abroad and yet education is considered the end all.

Don’t get me wrong, teacher quality is an issue in Kenya, however, one would expect this issue considering they were colonized and have only been a republic for 40-50 years (my measure of time is based not on the actual dates but the functionality of the country).  Compulsory education is only 10 years old and really, 7 – 10 for females. That being said, education is of utmost importance to this developing nation.

America is over 200 years old. California is its own nation/state (well, not in the recent economy) and yet teaching positions remain unfilled and school has started. The confusion in my mind is no longer why – I know why(which is why I left for a country where education is valued and a moral imperative), it is when will the U.S. pay teachers a wage commensurate with their skill set so they will temporarily or permanently leave the private sector?