Needle and Thread and Teaching? How can I…..

This week I started writing my lesson plans for Home Science, of which there is an element of home economics, health/first aid and biology.  The part I will not be doing is the actual, genuine sewing as this is more substantial than quilting.  I need to defer to my friends in the States,  Elizabeth in NYC and Sasha in Oakland, CA about finding some friend of theirs  who wants to visit Kenya, stay with me for a bit and teach things such as seams, textile qualities, etc.   Although I quilt, I would never be bold enough to take on actual sewing with learners for the fear I would mislead them in a very significant way.  Most young women in Kenya are much more proficient with needle and thread than I could ever hope to be.

Without having my teaching “gear” yet, I feel  some what  inept and limited in the quality of my planning. Hopefully all of that great stuff will show up by the end of September.   I did not realize how much I rely on resources beyond books to teach.  This either means I am comfortable without a text book or I don’t know better….

My teachers are quite excited to have their hands on materials to supplement their teaching. I personally cannot wait to see the expression on the science teachers and learners faces when they see the Hoberman Sphere.  I showed an English Teacher a picture of the Hoberman Sphere from my Linked In portfolio, however, it did not seem to make sense about how it relates to crystallography. I am sure the physics teacher will better understand its implications.