This Will Work When….

Score cards  on parenting (based on parents of students)  are part of the evaluation used on teachers.

Example:  Test scores of student X can only be used as part of the review of a teacher if parents of student X showed up for all requested meetings of teacher and school, signed and returned report cards/notes from school and did the ‘parental’ portion of the work load in education.  If parents do not do their portion, that students test scores are removed from the mix.

So inherent in education is a parents involvement that parents should also be held accountable.  Parents unintentionall and often intentionally thwart their own child success by relenquishing their parenting rights to (who/what I have no idea) excuses and abdicate the majority of responsibility for an education to teachers. This is untenable.  No teacher can be accountable for the successes of 20-up to 180 students a year when parents are not involved.

Parent evaluations which note  parenting skills and parent cooperation to work with teachers/schools to help their children learn are as important as the student test scores used to evaluate teachers.  It is quite easy to document parental attendance and performance for teachers – students usually mimic the parents behavior.  If the government declines to look at the other portion of the education picture for children, teachers should not be punitively punished.

I have absolutely no problem being accountable to test scores of students who have a certain level of parental involvement. I know what success looks and sounds like when a parent is on board and involved. 

Anything less than applying test scores to parents means the government has missed the whole point of public education.