Unemployment Update Squared And Cubed

Two and one half weeks ago, I was apparently not quick enough to race to the mailbox and retrieve my mail.  All my mail for one day was stolen.  This was everything from a Netflix disc (which they now say they have back) to credit card bills to my undemployment check – which usually shows up on a Friday or Saturday.

I have been extremely conscientious in contacting EDD and have not had a response. 

It seems to me there is much wrong with a system that can not accept phone calls nor respond to e-mail – kind of like the black hole in the drier which eats socks.  Suggestions? Thoughts? Comments? Ideas?

Unemployment correspondence
Items about mail being stolen and asking for a stop pay/reissue of last check as well as form to fill out for next check:
I have tried multiple times to call your office. Each time I have called, I have been told your office is overwhelmed by calls.
I have e-mailed as your phone states, “Items will be resolved within 5 business days.”  Here are the following e-mail numbers 1369047,1434942,1438803. I have asked for my stolen check to be stop pay/re-issue and I never received received a new check. 
Along with the check would be the check sheet for my next unemployment check. I have not not received that either so I am now two checks or about $1200 behind.
I have written my congress person and senator.
There is not a whole lot else I can do.
I would appreciate an e-mail response with a timeline of what EDD intends to do to solve this problem.
Further update:   As of 7 August 2009, I live in Kenya and work for Kenyans at a school in Eldoret. I communicated all of this to EDD via e-mail and the fact I sent a power of attorney to my father so he could sort all the rest of this out since I now live out of the country and believe I am owed the last 3-4 weeks of my unemployment.
I had all of my mail forwarded to my father a week ago via the USPS (I even have the $1 charge on my debit card to facilitate this action).  The EDD sent the paperwork to create a stop pay/re-issue check and the USPS delivered it to my old address on 8 August 2009……..I am not sure who(m) to be more angry at – EDD for their slowness or USPS for not forwarding my mail.
I guess this is why America is the place so many people want to be, not.