Today I looked at my blog stats, something I rarely keep up on as I lack the  vanity or pay to do so.  I noticed I was near 1 K  hits.  I was dissappointed that for the number of hits, I have only 34 comments/responses/thoughts/POV.  My original goal was to engage others in different perspectives surrounding education and a few random, but some how related topics.

It is difficult to interpret the meaning of lack of comments as it could be (1) people don’t care what I have written (2) what I have written is documented sufficiently that people are not disagreeable (3) people who read what  I write are of the s same mind set (4) People are afraid to share a different POV

Hopefully I can encourage readers to leave thoughts/opinions/responses, whether or not they share my point of view and have a more ‘interactive’ blogging experience.  I have much to learn about the world, including education and always keep my mind open to other potentials.