Evidence To Support More Parents Having Time For PTA Involvement and Parenting

I never thought I would live to see the day of slow, intentional parenting……..but it is apparently here!


As a teacher, this pleases me to know end. It means mommy and daddy will stop the ridiculous focusing on the minutia of why Johnny/Susie (sorry, just common names to banter about) are getting a B+, not an A and supervising their homework time – even better, provide the kids with adequate homework time and less TV, computer time.  I keep imagining all the times I won’t have to go into a parent conference over one point on a paper which will not change the term grade, but Johnny/Susie can not get below a B+, so what can ‘I’ do to make it happen? Can I assign extra credit?

 The number one best part – all of the over scheduled parents will get back to BEING INVOLVED AT SCHOOL, THE NUMBER ONE FACTOR IN STUDENT SUCCESS. 

It is, quite literally, about time.  I have no idea what triggered this progressive thought – who knows, maybe parents being encouraged/required to volunteer at charter schools. Whatever the root cause, it is great. I can not imagine a better thing to happen, well, there is one. Parents will stop raising children to base their self esteem on ‘stuff’ – extra tutoring, extra lessons, extra opportunities, graduating from Harvard, owning a bigger car, house, etc.