Further Unemployment Update

On Tuesday, 17 March, 2009, I was able to talk with Michelle/Mitchell.  She spent a substantial amount of time on the phone with me and was very pleasant/helpful.  On Thursday, 19 March, 2009 I had my seven weeks of unemployment checks, minus any earnings I had made by working.

After waiting to match up work hours with income, I submitted my EDD information on the evening of 3/21/09 for the most recent two weeks.  I goofed in not putting in hours matching to money earned, however, it would seem that EDD would call/e-mail me to clarify and I should be receiving the resulting money within the next week.   I sent e-mail number 712149 on 3/25/09 to report the hours worked I neglected to fill in on the form.

My goal is to stop holding up the process and get the regular checks from EDD in the same way I am able to obtain pay from my P/T employer.