Unemployment Update – 7 weeks, no check…

Dear EDD (Michelle? Mitchell?) – this is the last person who left a phone call for me from 1-916-654-6030,
My name is XXX, DB X/XX/XXXX. I am having one difficult time trying to work with you and your department to find out why, in seven weeks (I filed on 1/23/09), not one unemployment check has been issued.  I have done everything a reasonable and competent person could do to provide your office with accurate and documentable information. Tomorrow (Tues, 17 Mar 2009) I will be sending a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger per his offices request as your office does not seem to desire working with me so I can simply  pay rent.
The following are a list of correspondences I have written to your office. These correspondences are on top of all the paperwork I have provided to your office for seven weeks with no unemployment check. 542593,554855,587250,595094,622658,626363,627517, 680208 on 3/16/09.   I realize part of the problem is  I am working sporadically as a substitute teacher, however, I am doing all I can to look for employment, work when it is available and try to follow up with EDD. Please help me!

Wow, maybe I did something positive by following up with unemployment through my blog and helped get this done: