Unemployment Update – 7 weeks, no check…

Dear EDD (Michelle? Mitchell?) – this is the last person who left a phone call for me from 1-916-654-6030,
My name is XXX, DB X/XX/XXXX. I am having one difficult time trying to work with you and your department to find out why, in seven weeks (I filed on 1/23/09), not one unemployment check has been issued.  I have done everything a reasonable and competent person could do to provide your office with accurate and documentable information. Tomorrow (Tues, 17 Mar 2009) I will be sending a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger per his offices request as your office does not seem to desire working with me so I can simply  pay rent.
The following are a list of correspondences I have written to your office. These correspondences are on top of all the paperwork I have provided to your office for seven weeks with no unemployment check. 542593,554855,587250,595094,622658,626363,627517, 680208 on 3/16/09.   I realize part of the problem is  I am working sporadically as a substitute teacher, however, I am doing all I can to look for employment, work when it is available and try to follow up with EDD. Please help me!

Wow, maybe I did something positive by following up with unemployment through my blog and helped get this done:



One thought on “Unemployment Update – 7 weeks, no check…

  1. It sounds like you’re going through a rough time. I’ve looked into this online Teacher Community that connects you to jobs, and you can also view resources to help you with your career in the world of education. See if that can help you at all. Good luck!

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