Open Letter to RISE Networks[Compatibility%20Mode].pdf

Dear RISE,

After viewing your website, I was quite interested in your program, until I observed the above document.  Having been to graduate school, it was disconcerting to me  to be unable to make sense of this document which clearly is meant to be read, be impressive and support your organization.  The transparency which your organization strives for would benefit from this document being understood by teachers applying to RISE Networks.

As well as having a teaching credential, I have had years (10+) of experience in  teaching  math and science.  While your program sounds interesting, it would be difficult for me to find value in your program due to this document and the idea of  few people on your staff holding a substantial education background, although there is a broad range of business and non-profit experience.  Your board does not seem to be representative of the people I would expect to see from top flight education schools (Stanford, Harvard, Teachers College at Columbia, University of Wisconsin-Madison, etc.) where support for best practices of students, supporting teachers and policy is discussed, particularly with the new administration in Washington.

Those issues make me wonder further if the reason it is difficult to find good, high quality teachers, might be those same teachers ask questions, think/reflect on teaching beyond the test and realize change is not a market commodity.